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Unlock Your Music’s Potential: Elevate Your Distribution Strategy with DistroSecure

Experience Unmatched Control and Transparency in Music Distribution with DistroSecure

  • Total Control Over Your Music.
  • Transparency at Every Step.
  • Simplified Pricing, Unlimited Potential:
DistroSecure Empowers Artists with Real-Time Data Insights

Shedding Light: DistroSecure Empowers Artists with Real-Time Data Insights

Artists lack access to real-time data, hindering their ability to track success.

Imagine feeling in the dark about your music’s performance, unable to make informed decisions.

DistroSecure provides artists with real-time data insights for informed decision-making and tracking success.

DistroSecure’s Reliable Delivery Fuels Artist Success

Unleash Momentum: DistroSecure’s Reliable Delivery Fuels Artist Success

Delays and disappointments hinder artists’ momentum in their creative journey.

Waiting endlessly for releases damages artists’ reputation and stifles their success.

DistroSecure ensures prompt delivery to digital platforms, empowering artists to maintain momentum and thrive.

DistroSecure Puts Control of Earnings in Your Hands

Empowering Artists: DistroSecure Puts Control of Earnings in Your Hands

Artists lack control over their money and payouts in music distribution.

Picture feeling powerless as your hard-earned revenue remains inaccessible or obscured by opaque processes.

DistroSecure empowers artists with direct control over their earnings and transparent payout processes, ensuring fair compensation and financial autonomy.

DistroSecure Shields Artists Against Platform Takedowns

Protecting Artistry: DistroSecure Shields Artists Against Platform Takedowns

Artists face frustration when their music is removed from digital platforms due to takedowns or copyright claims.

Imagine the disappointment of seeing your hard work vanish from platforms without warning or explanation.

DistroSecure provides clarity and communication regarding takedown notices, empowering artists to navigate issues effectively. With pre-release tracking, artists can anticipate and address potential takedowns before they occur, minimizing disruptions to their creative journey.

Your all-in-one solution for music distribution!



We empower artists by providing direct control over their music distribution and earnings.



We ensure transparency by offering real-time data insights and clear communication.



Artists maintain control and financial autonomy with our platform, enabling them to make informed decisions.

DistroSecure Key Features

User-Friendly Interface: Navigate effortlessly through DistroSecure’s intuitive and customizable UI.

High-Performance Infrastructure: Rely on DistroSecure’s AWS infrastructure for exceptional speed, reliability, and scalability.

Direct Agreements with DSPs: Access top-tier digital service providers directly through DistroSecure’s partnerships.

Multi-Language Support: Reach a global audience with DistroSecure’s support for multiple languages.

Versatile Music Distribution: Distribute your music in various formats, including single tracks, albums, EPs, and compilations, with DistroSecure’s flexible distribution options.

Efficient Content Management: Streamline your content organization and distribution process with DistroSecure’s efficient management tools.

Robust Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your music’s performance and audience engagement with DistroSecure’s comprehensive analytics tools.

Responsive Customer Support: Get prompt assistance and support from DistroSecure’s dedicated customer support team whenever you need it.

Integrated Toolset: Enhance your experience with DistroSecure’s suite of integrated tools and services for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Customizable Pricing Plans: Choose from a range of pricing plans tailored to your specific needs and budget with DistroSecure’s flexible pricing options.

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